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Saturday, July 22, 2006

More pictures of people lying on the floor

I haven't posted in a while and the complaints are just flooding in. So much so that I was even thinking about blocking the comments section because I was overloaded with them in absence of quality entertainment. I mean 2 comments on the last post was just the beginning, luckily the commenting stopped before too much bandwidth was taken up. I guess what Bob Marley said is true, a hungry mob is an angry mob. I think later in the same song he says something about blogging.
It's not that it's been a slow two weeks for strange events at The Wave, it's more that I'm just lazy.

The silence is broken! Now for your viewing pleasure, two more valuable additions to my growing collection of pictures of people lying on the floor:

We recently put 2 little couches in the middle of the floor, which is either to give the elderly moviebuff a chance to rest from the strain that comes with standing and looking at a wall, or to cover up a big stain on the carpet. It turns out that whatever purpose these couches were meant to serve, they ended up just being a central location in the store for children to lay on and a neutral home base during store-wide tag games (which are carried out without care for our strict "no running, no merriment" policy).

However, not all children are crafty enough to use our couches to their advantage. Some of them ignore them outright or mistake the surrounding floor for a couch.

The child in the second picture, for example, somehow mistook the floor for the ocean and spent a good deal of time pretending to swim on the floor. Despite the power of his imagination, which never gets you anywhere no matter what Reading Rainbow tells you, he never got anywhere, so he got up and knocked some stuff down. If you think about it, that's the nature of life.

The band of teenage layabouts in the first picture failed to maximize the other couch, but they one-uped us instead when, as predicted by adults everywhere, they took a mile when given an inch. I suppose there is some logic in thinking that if the couch is open to them then so must be the entire floor.
They literally took up the entire width of the floor, allowing actual paying customers to step on or over them. After pretending to have to put things on the wall exactly where they were a few times, I eventually told them that The Wave isn't a some kind of opium den or YMCA where drug addicted freeloading teens can lay on the floor for free, but if they wanted to continue "hangin'" they'd have to buy some opium from me.

More stories of strange behavior coming soon. I promise.


(In case you didn't catch it above, check out other pictures of weirdos of all ages lying on our dirty, dirty floor: Floor Pictures )

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