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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Dreams are windows to our subconscious

There is a startling development in my dreams lately (well, in the last year) and quite frankly i am starting to worry about it. Too many of my dreams are about work. But they aren't weird dreams like you think dreams are.. they are weird because they are simple, pointless dreams that are usually what could really happen. I used to have this problem where all my dreams were so lifelike and so normal that i would confuse them with memories or something that happend the day before. Like I would dream that my mom wanted me to pick up something from the grocery store, so in reality when i was at the grocery store id call her and ask her to remind me what she wanted and she'd say 'um, i never said i wanted anything'. ok that didnt happen but its the best example i coudl think of to illustrate that. I have a lot of dreams like that about work. The other night I dreamt that Paris Hilton was in a movie called the Final Cut, but that the movie had another title on the box when we imported the advanced copy from Canada.
And thats it.
But then there are other dreams about work that are very bizarre and represent certain feelings i may have... like I had a dream that Drew and I got in a fight with this awful customer named Joy (ironic, right?) but I got so mad at her that I tried to jump over the counter, fists swinging, trying to whoop her sorry annoying ass. But she blamed Drew for the whole thing and because she just had some family member die recently (in the dream), our arguement really upset her. suddenly the video store transformed into a resturant or something with a lot of different dinner tables in it where a lot of people were eating, and we were looking at Joy from our table and i started feeling bad. So then i went over to her table and apologized, but she wouldnt accept it without Drew apologizing first.
Then it turned into a museum or something and the dream changed.

I also had a weird dream where Paul J (owner) and I got in some kind of fight, and we kept challenging eachother until we got in this all out cage-match style fight. We threw eachother all over the store breaking stuff and beating the hell out of eachother.Then Paul went and broke something in the back. Paul, dont read much into this if you are reading this.. the details of why we were fighting were very real in the dream, i just dont remember it. Maybe it was because Paul has literally threatened to leave Drew in a pool of his own blood, and Paul - no one, even Drew's sweet own southern bell mother would blame you if you did. Paul and I don't normally fight, certainly not drawing blood or anything... yet.

I had another dream about this woman named Kim who the employees know all too well. I dont remember what the dream was about, but i sure hope it wasnt sexual (the employees know why that is, too)

My dreams are so weird. Either they are nutty versions of reality, or real versions of reality. I'm not sure which is more confusing. Some of my dreams seem to actually make some sense in the psychological way, but i never spend time analyzing them. but the dreams that are dull and bland and are so easily confused with my reality or my memories are starting to make me think i spend too much time thinking about work. Maybe this blog has something to do with it.

Maybe i'll start a dream blog... or maybe ill just go to sleep



  • At 6:38 PM, Blogger Cliff Brenford said…

    That's pretty freeeaky because the same thing happens to me. I will often have dreams so realistic that I don't know if they happened or not. I dream about fighting with people and then I don't know how to act around them the next day...though they are unaware. And especially at a party and if I was many random things can happen that for me it's hard to tell what I dreamt and didn't dream. It's quite a problem. But it will soon be turned into a play, so I guess it was worth it.


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