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Monday, April 04, 2005

i hate made for tv biography movies, or any biography movie for that matter.

Aside from the occasional Oliver Stone Biography film (Nixon, Natural Born Killers, Chocolat...) which is just history through his crazy paranoid jump-cutting mind, i HATE movies about someone's true life.
This post was sparked because, like always, I am being forced to watch what is on my moms tv while im in her room on her computer. Right now she is watching this TV Movie about the most important story in entertainment:
Behind Mork & Mindy! (oooh fabulous wonderful)
oops, its really called Mork & Mindy: Behind The Camera.
It should be called Robin Williams is a Crazy Fuck.

The whole movie is about Robin Williams and what a kooky genius he is. Half the time I can't stand him. The other half he is really hairy, so... there's that. I can't stand bio movies that have motives, that are biased in their PRAISE of a certain person. I prefer bios about how bad someone is.. like their downward spiral into killing someone. Like Wonderland. But even then, it can suck. Especially if I just don't care.
This story of Mork and Mindy is not, so far as i can tell, a story that needed to be told. Aside from the actor portraying Robin Williams doing a brilliant impression of him (like, almost exactly perfect its uncanny), what is the point? I feel the same way about RAY, because his life may have been interesting to see on film 15 years ago, but now we've seen it all already and its no cooler or tragic than anyone else. But yes, Jamie Foxx (of Booty Call fame) was excellent at portraying Ray Charles, blah blah blah.
So many people use the old "well, it's based on a true story so its very inspirational and good" excuse for liking a bio pic. I don't buy it. Just because it's a true story doesn't make it interesting. I for one hate being inspired by true stories. I only like getting inspired to write blogs due to annoying customers. I'd rather see a movie about about the robot apocalypse, which is kind of a movie based on what will soon be a true story.

It's just that all these movies only have a certain amount of time to put a persons whole life on film, so they chose certain events or conversations or moments to show you, and therefor they are treated to be so important. You see certain scenes for certain reasons and all of them have some kind of point to prove to you. Seeing Robin Williams do his wacky comedy all the time in front of tv producers is supposed to show you how brilliant he is, and i cant take being force fed an idea. It just pisses me off. I tend to then think less of whoever the movie is about. When i saw (parts of) Man On The Moon i was no longer interested in Andy Kaufman's work. When I saw Ray i started rebelling against the whole country that suddenly thought he was the biggest genius of modern music, and i just dont care.

Anyway, the best scene in this movie so far is this highly dramatic scene when Robin is getting really famous and he is a phone booth just trying to make a payphone call like any normal Joe and someone recognizes him.. and then more people recognize him.. and suddenly and in slow motion, 50 people crowd around the phone booth banging on the glass chanting MORK! MORK! MORK! at him, in slow motion, with extreme close ups of their CRAAAZY faces at weird angles. What a nightmare! It was like one of those "dramatizations" from America's Most Wanted or some show like that. very lame.

wait, now its getting kinda bad ass becasue the movie switched focus from the genius of Robin Williams to the amount of Cocain intake of Robin Williams. Cocaine is sweet. Robin Williams has a mullet... that is sweeet too. There is a guy playing John Belushi who acts like Jack Black and they are all doing a shit load of coke. I hope they end up killing someone..

Ok cool, now my mom changed the channel to Nanny 911. now, this is good TV. and the english accents are hot.


(hopefully none of you reacted to my post like i did to Bio Movies - just not caring. if so, sorry i havent had more interesting posts lately. Go see Sin City, then check back here in a day or so)


  • At 9:39 AM, Blogger HIGGINS said…

    I get tired of all the praise actors get for doing good jobs at acting like other actors or famous people. Any good/great actor should knock it out I mean its all right in front of them to sponge it up and go.

    I do enjoy good bio-pics such as Fear and loathing, and good jobs I thought Carey was good in man on the moon.

    I guess they serve a purpose in dried up hollywood


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