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"Comedy's a dead art form. Now tragedy, that's funny." The Showcase of Depravity showcases... depravity. Wisdom and humor from the perspective of a few disgruntled (& sexy) video store professionals.

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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

new alyssa posts... come on, tell us about the sex already!!!

it has been a while since i blogged about our young friend Alyssa... and its because she stopped being interesting and doesnt blog much. With all the drama going on between her and Felicia these days you'd think there'd be a lot more blogging going on between the two.. but nope. Personally, I'm starting to lose interest. But she did post a few new things recently.. not quite as funny or revealing as her original posts, but thats why i am going to do Felicia's blog next... but here are the updates on Lyssa:

So we know from Felicia that Mike had indeed used her for *IT*. whether that means that they actually got down and nasty when they were supposed to be studying Social Studies, who knows... Last time Lyssa said that she started watching this guy PAT that she admits to being in love with now... or something. idk. she needs to know if he likes her before she can know if she really loves him. sort of the same situation one of my friends finds himself in right now. But love always prevails, especailly in Middle School...
we find ourselves now after Kina and Brendan (my brother) making comments to her telling her to wise up and put a boulder over her love cave..
here are the next two follow ups:

Monday, March 28, 2005
~* March 28, 2005 *~
I just read all of my comments and yes i understand you guys but i know whats wrong with me and i am going to deal with it i don't need everyone giving me advice all i need is my friends.... So please don't leave harsh comments to me cuz it is really stupid..... thanks *Lyssa*

posted by Alyssa @ 6:29 AM

Ouch, she's a little testy, huh? She asked for comments on how to help her, and then she says she doesnt need advice cause it's stupid... What gives, Lyssa? Obviously you can't count on ALL your friends since they all ditched you recently, and Felicia is still mad at your sorry ass. The love of your life, Mike, treated you like a piece of ass. You should definately be listening to the wise comments and not go and do something stupid like go clubbing with your young 14 year old slag friends looking for 20 year old puerto rican guys to grind on your underage ass, statutory rape-style. lets see what happens next, shall we?

~*March 29, 2005*~
This friday is going to be so awesome.....My friends and i are going to go to club liquid in Augusta and it is going to be awesome... I wish that me and Felicia could stop fighting its really sucks... But i have gotten over everything that has happened and i know that she is not worth it nemore.... Pat and i are getting closer i wrote hima note the other day and he wrote back we both admited liking each other i am planning on asking him out soon im not sure... But i am going to go ill type on later... Peace Out!!!!!!

posted by Alyssa @ 11:21 AM

OH Geez! She DID go clubbing with her slag friends! we have a club liquid here in CT.. who knew there was more than one? i wonder if there are half-assed foam parties there too.
How cute is this? Her and Pat wrote eachother notes back and forth to see if they liked eachother..
HeRE is a transcript of that note that i found...

** Hey Pat,
This is Brit, Lyssa's friend. So she *MIGHT* really like you or something, she hasnt said anything but i just get the feeling. Do you like her too? I think you guys would make the CUTEST couple! OMG! So, do you like Lyssa or what? check the box:
_ You Like Her

_ You don't like her

_ You're gay, ew

P.S. Isn't this subsitute teacher such a b!tch? She's told me to stop talking like 4 times already, OMG! Byeeee! **

I can't wait to find out what happens with Pat. Hopefully this time she wont be so quick to drop her pants and present, like they call it in nature. We dont need more kids having kids! am i right or am i right? or am i right?

but honestly, i wanna here a detailed description of what happened with Mike and with Felicia... and about the sex. damnit Lyssa you suck.



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