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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Gay Movies Are SO Gay V.2: Gay Harder

In an attempt to write a more complete article for, I recently added a variety of films to my "Gay Movies Are So Gay" post. Since I come with the quickness (not literally, ladies) I have another post ready in a pretty short amount of time. This just goes to show that I have no life and that I spend way too much time researching gay movies online.
*Note: None of these movies are actually considered porn. They are erotic comedies/dramas that are extremely sexual, but are not porn. Hence why it occured to me that it's hilarious that something SOO sexual could be considered a regular drama. I just realized some of you might not know this before hand.

So again, these movies are found on our regular Drama and Comedy sections where kids looking for "Rookie Of The Year" and "Rocky" can stumble upon them. The same applies to Vol. 1 of this feature*

So here it is, Gay Movies Are SO Gay Vol. 2: Gay Harder:

I left it out last time, so just for good merit, the aforementioned classic, the movie that started it all, the original "gayest gay movie" ever made: The Fluffer.
I mean, come on! I don't even know where to begin. Let's just say the movie is about a Fluffer... It needs no further explanation. The film is about a young actor who is fresh meat in Hollywood who falls in love with a gay porn star after mistakenly renting a gay porno instead of the what he thought was "Citizen Kane". Isn't that how it always gets started? I can't tell you how many times I've tried to rent "Doctor Zhivago" and got home only to realize it was "Doctor LongSchlongo", and I can't forget the time I rented "The Battle of the Bulge" but actually got "The Battle of the Bulge", which is actually a great drag queen drama. I don't even want to get into the different experiences trying to rent "Weekend At Bernie's" has gotten me.
And then oddly enough, this one time I tried to rent "Hung Wankenstein" but to my dismay got "Young Frankenstein" instead.

O Fantasma - I just picked this one because it is, along with "The Fluffer", the inspiration for this article because it is one of the most blatantly gay films not considered pornography. It seems that one of the only things an unquestionably erotic (nearly pornographic) film needs to shed its pornographic classification for that of "art" is to be in a foreign language. It works like a charm.
This is also a fitting picture for Media Wave because it is oddly reminiscent of the pose which Jeff forces on most of the employees during the course of any normal day. The words "just take it, bitch" are uttered far more than any of us care to admit.

Hustler White - Directed by Bruce LaBruce, the best director name ever. It also has the best quote used on a movie box art ever: "The difference between art and pornography is the lighting"
I think that line can be used for all of these movies and that's what makes them so funny. Is this a good review or a bad review? I guess that's up to what the viewer was looking for. Word on the street is that "Hustler White" is pretty disappointing either way, and I for one think that if you can't deliver a good story you should at least deliver porn, and if you can't deliver that then what the hell are you doing making a movie about a gay hustler?

Skin Flick/ No Skin Off My Ass - There's nothing more gay than white supremacy skin head street gangs... Or at least, that is my understanding based on these films. Both films, also directed by infamous director Bruce LaBruce, expose what is erotic about hatred, violence, rape and skin heads: absolutely nothing. In "Skin Flick", skin heads Dirk and Dieter aren't really all gay... They just have sex with each other and masturbate to it. Thank God that doesn't make you gay, cause here I thought if that was true then my whole group of friends and co-workers would be gay. At the very least, "No Skin Off My Ass" is the best title for a skin head movie, especially a gay skin head movie, in the history of gay skin head movies. At the same time, "Skin Flick" has the worst.
Is there a connection between these two gay skin head movies and the movie called "Hustler White", all directed by Bruce LaBruce? Is BLB a gay racist? It would seem that way to me... I guess if there are gay Republicans there are also gay racists... But then again, perhaps they are one in the same. (haha)

Finally, The M.O. of M.I. (The Modus Operandi of Male Intimacy)
This is actually supposed to be a decent movie, gay or otherwise, but it's absolutely the worst title ever, especially for a gay movie whose claim to notoriety isn't humorously lame plots and explicit gay sex. The first time I saw this DVD I literally laughed out loud because at first I just saw "The M.O. of M.I." title and didn't realize what "M.I." stood for. Upon closer inspection, serious laughter ensued.

That's all for this volume of Gay Movies Are SO Gay. If dirty naughty sex posts about the perverted arts are what you're looking for, you can look forward to me finally completing my post about our Adult section and it's hilarious titles/artwork by 2008.

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-Jordan, researching gay movies so you don't have to


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