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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Jeff is sick, pale and un-pumped

So, Jeff is sick. We're not sure what the deal is, he might be dying. We're not all that interested either way. The point is he hasn't been to work in over a week, and hasn't really contacted anyone about it either. At first we thought maybe he was faking just to get some days off, but as you can see at the end of this conversation, he MUST be seriously sick if this is true:

FlavahFav: what do you have?
Haiji00: mono
FlavahFav: u should have come in today paul was out for a conference
Haiji00: bro its not about that
Haiji00: its about if i can stnad up without falling asleep for 2 hours
FlavahFav: haha I know
FlavahFav: dick
FlavahFav: it was a joke
FlavahFav: :-)
Haiji00: whenever i move around i feel so fuckin dizzy

Haiji00: havnt been gym or tanning for over 2 weeks

man, i really didnt think that ANYTHING could get in the way of Jeff going to the gym and going tanning... but now this is proof that he really is sick.

get well soon, little buddy. al green needs ya!

Oh yea, and another funny thing is that he probably got mono by either making out with a slag bitch at his college Spring Weekend, or sharing an unmarked plastic keg cup with said slag bitch. He's out of college and still feels the affects of college partying. Oh man....



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