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The Showcase of Depravity

This is the long hard truth. It goes extra deep.

"Comedy's a dead art form. Now tragedy, that's funny." The Showcase of Depravity showcases... depravity. Wisdom and humor from the perspective of a few disgruntled (& sexy) video store professionals.

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Sunday, May 01, 2005

My identity in a cell phone ringer

so my mom just announced to me that her new custom ring tone on her phone for me is "Play That Funky Music (White Boy)"

oh mom, you're so creative.

-jordan, the funky white boy

(for those few readers who dont know me personally, the joke in this is that i am white and have a big afro and listen to funk music and am a pimp. also, that my mom loves her cell phone and her custom ring tones)


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