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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Community College Cafetreria=Circus

the third picture is an example of the kind of people that go to my school. i've seen so many people that look like that or worse. It's classroom after classroom of ugly, ugly students.
I swear, if you want to see a circus of ugly people, go to the cafeteria at my community school. The only drawback is that there are no bears riding bicycles, and a nice plus is that there are no fruity french contortionists.
It's a nice mix of the two groups of people i absolutely can't stand to be around: A. realllly unintelligent black people who wish they were rollin with 50 cent but instead just have his song as their annoying ass ringer, and B. reaaaally nerdy white kids (the kind of nerds are aren't smart at all, just really really lame) who sit in really large groups and play Magic: The Gathering. This group in particular has a strange mix of really young and really old people - but all of them are pretty hard to look at. What i find particularly bizarre is that they are ALWAYS hugging eachother. what's up with that? it's exactly the same way it was in high school... I think the same group just all decided to go to community schooland move their ongoing Magic game to a different cafeteria.
The other day (only the second time i've been in the cafeteria) and i was observing the nerdy lame white kids. They were hugging eachother, but they weren't playing Magic!

"Wow" I thought, "maybe that isn't the only thing they do after all"...
and just as the thought passed through my mind, a Super Nerd comes walking in with (get this... seriously:) a big steal box encased in black leather (thats another thing, a lot of them carry brief cases... at least they did in high school). Then he opens this bad boy up and inside is (guess what) a big, economy size 3-ring binder which held all of his LAMINATED Magic Cards!
So it is all they do after all. Then a game started and things were back to normal in lame nerd world.

*This is


  • At 12:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    You need to visit the wealthy beautiful people at a REAL university: Fairfield University. The high tuition and high educational standards do weed people out, thus the cream rises to the top. Of course, it doesn't matter if they're really smart since they probably have the connections and money to succeed in their pretty lives.

    Do you now understand how America really works?

    Of course there's always those heroric stories of people who succeed when they seem to come from obscurity. Too bad these are one in a million.

    So, get into a better school and the quality of the student body will be more attractive and spend lots of money on you as a friend.



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