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Sunday, February 05, 2006


I overheard a particularly offensive conversation between two young guys that seem to represent this country's intolerant and close-minded attitude toward alternative marriage. The religious right seems to be taking over and the opinions of people about what is "decent" or "moral" or "legal" are completely out of touch with the modern world.
Must we continue to stand idly by as everyday people openly engage in this kind of discrimination?:

13 year old kid: Oh man, that's sick
Older brother: What?
Kid: "Corpse Bride"... He's marrying a corpse!
Brother: Yea, so?
Kid: It's SICK! It's a dead person and they're getting married?
Brother: Well I'm sure they have a very loving relationship
Kid: It doesn't matter, that's just wrong. It's sick. *

The anti-corpse marriage attitude in this country has to stop! With Bush in office for another 3 years and the republicans running the government it looks as though there will never be tolerance for inter-worldy unions.

There is nothing wrong with 2 people, alive or dead or what have you, who love each other being able to get married in a court of law. Love transcends the boundaries of "life and death", it's in all the classic love stories. So why does there have to be so much hate and misunderstanding?
I guess people hate what they can't understand and fear what they hate and the simple truth is that even in 2006 people are still afraid of the walking dead. Get over it! So sometimes the dead walk among us and marry the living, what is the big deal?? Just because they come from the grave doesn't mean they're controlled by satan, and not all corpses go around marrying any willing partner they find at a corpse bar. This country is so unenlightened to the truth about the living dead.

Movies like Brokeback Mountain are making history for gay relationships in popular culture and has even been recognized by the Oscar's, but even more controversial films like "Corpse Bride", "Nekromantik" and especially "Play Dead", a film about gay necrophilia, are generally and not suprisingly ignored. What kind of country are we living in, or in some cases, living dead in?

*That conversation is word for word as I heard it, completely real. The kid was absolutely sincere in being sickened by such a relationship, and his older brother was playing along and sort of mocking him, as I have tried to do here as well.


For more on "Nekromantik" (I know you want to know more) check out one of my favorite DVD Picks
and also check the reality of this satire when the government attacks our right to marry our animals


  • At 3:04 PM, Anonymous Dan Comstock said…

    Martha Washington is my Lover
    By Dan Comstock

    This one woman I know isn't divorced
    but hasn't seen her mate in two years.
    Well I ain't sayin' that's a marriage
    but it's somethin',
    I got somethin'
    ta give to
    The First Lady
    who wants it

    The State can't accept our love
    a bitter nation whose been robbed of its
    grammar school sweetheart.
    I'm not dating your ex-girlfriend out of spite, America.

    Martha don't care if I call her ever.
    She don't call me, but I know she loves me like grapeshot
    bustin' out in all directions
    Her husband coulda been king, but he's dead now
    a horny widow, wet ink on the declaration of independence.
    She's never gone down on me. Hell I never even met her.
    Buddy loved this girl
    online for two years
    Discussed marriage
    never kissed

    I'm gonna go pick cherries

  • At 4:52 PM, Blogger Brother Haruspex said…

    we go downtown to do our shopping
    and we live in suburbia

  • At 11:02 AM, Blogger Radio Free Burke said…

    Brokeback to the Future: The best Internet sensation since Lazy Sunday? You decide! I vote yes.


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