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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Have you read anything interesting lately?

I just saw a commercial for the Book Of Mormon... no it isn't a clever new show about a gay guy named Mormon or something, it's the actual book of Morman. I used to see those commercials for the Church Of Latter Day Saints, and i never thought twice about them... but does anyone find it weird that there is a commercial for the Book of Mormon? And it isnt some stupid religious commercial, it was like disguised as a coffee commercial or a feminine hygiene commercial or something...

This mid 20's hip looking woman is sitting in a diner or coffee shop reading a book, and her attractive young friend comes in to meet her. You think they could be talking about new shampoo, the amazing discovery of the 4 blade womens razor, a new diet, maxi pads (you know, all that chick bullshit), or maybe even the coffee they are having. I half expected them to start telling a story like "hey this coffee's rich flavor reminds me of that time in Paris when we had that wonderful french coffee! and that waiter.. mmm what's his name?? .... JEAN-LUC! hahaha *sigh* Folgier's coffee is good!"

But no, the second young and attractive 20-something woman goes
"hey hows that book?",
young woman #1 replies "oh, you know.. the same old thing.... have you read anything interesting lately?"
young woman #2 stops and thinks about whether or not she should say anything, and then goes "yea, *sigh* actually i have. You've read the Bible, right?
young woman #1 of course replies "well, yea"... cause everyone has sat down and read the BIBLE.
then young woman #2
continues, "well, if you liked the Bible, this is a companion to the Bible, It's called:
and it changed my life"
etc etc

Hey, you like reading right? Do you read authors like..John Grisham? and like most people in america, you've read the whole bible and enjoyed it, right? i thought so! WELL, it you like books like The Client or The Da Vinci Code, you'll love this new best seller called THE BOOK OF MORMON.

i dunno... just seemed pretty odd to me. but i guess the Mormon Church hired some smart advertising guy to advertise for their religion... maybe their numbers are low or something, who knows.

i wonder how much it would cost to make the EXACT same commercial for this blog instead of the Book Of Mormon.... i mean they're pretty much the same thing anyway.

-Jordan, Leader of The Church Of

[Editor's Note: Everyone knows the TRUE companion to the Bible is "The Da Vinci Code." Right? Right? Okay. I'm an idiot. But Mormons really creep the fuck out of me after reading this book "Under the Banner of Heaven" which I am sure is way more entertaining than the goddamn Book of Mormon, which teaches you how to marry your own daughter and have eighteen wives. Anyway, Mormons are scarier than Frankenstein in my book. - Drew]


  • At 12:36 PM, Blogger Allen said…

    have you read the bible? i cant believe that thats a topic of conversation for most people..i have read parts of it but i dont ask other people if they have...i would hate alot of sounds fun but i dont want to be bitched at by all seven of them....cause i know sooner or later that will happen....


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