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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Even children experience awkward silence

Recently I witnessed a simple exchange between 3 young kids that is pretty much the rest of our lives perfectly played out by these youngsters.

Two 12 year olds see another older kid that they know in the store. The other kid recognizes them somehow, from somewhere, but isnt totally sure how. They sort of walk over to each other, meeting half way because both parties aren't sure if they want to go to the other, or if the other is going to come over. So they each move just close enough to eachother to show they want to meet up, but not close enough to express enthusiasm. common small talk is exchanged (by 12 year olds, mind you):

Two Small Kids: Hey, whats up?
Older Kid: oh not much.. you know.. renting a game
Two Small Kids: Yea, same
Older Kid: What's up with you?
TSK: um, nothing much, you know...
OK: yea, i know ..ha ha (awkward laugh to break silence... is not successful)
... (awkward silence, and then I guess the older kid realizes who the others are)
OK: So how's you're sister?
TSK: good, good.
OK: and the family?
TSK: good..
How about you?
OK: good, everyones good
(i doubt the younger kids really even know the older kids family at all)
... (more awkward silence)
All Three at once laugh awkwardly
OK: so yea, well good seeing you i gotta get going
TSK: yea, ok. see ya later

This is how conversations with people of all ages go.. exactly the same. How depressing is that? I would have thought kids would have more imagination and spunk to be able to come up with things to talk about.. not necessarily interesting topics about current events, or have comical stories, but like.. lollipops and pokemon and their fat teacher and getting grounded for killing a toad with a hammer, or whatever little boys do these days. It kind of got me down to realize that even kids can't always overcome social awkwardness or the hell of needless and uncomfortable small talk. I observe the small talk between adult customers all the time (and adult people), and the small talk between myself and old class mates or people whose names i forget at bars, and its no more awkward and no more enjoyable than the conversation these kids shared. So much of conversation is absolutely pointless. Depending on the person this can be sort of comforting and also very aggrivating. My point being that at age 10, those kids have experienced the extent of how interesting conversations between acquaintances get. From that age until the end of their lives, they will run into certian people they dont want to talk to or havent talked to in years and feel obligated to have "small talk" for some reason. It will be awkward and pointless, and it will happen thousands of times everywhere they go, especailly if they live in a town like Fairfield. Maybe you don't consider this a bad thing, but sometimes i tend to look on the cynical side of social things like this.



  • At 12:20 PM, Anonymous Sarah's little brother said…

    That's really depressing.

    I think from now on, when I see someone I kinda know, I'll just ignore them. Even if they start talking to me. Makes things easier, you know?


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