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Friday, March 25, 2005

a new sitcom in the works

My brother Brendan has found himself in a strange predicament recently: He had a great top level of a nice house in Astoria, Queens being rented to him by an old immigrant couple with 2 other roommates. He was living happily under a verbal agreement that it would be theres for at least a yaer, when all of the sudden the nice old couple turned into selfish bitches and decided all of the sudden with very little notice that they didnt want to rent it out anymore and the guys had to move out.

Luckily for Brendan, my grandpa lives in queens. Sadly, my grandma passed away a year ago (or more..i dont actually remember exactly) so my grandpa lives alone in this nice apartment. So, Brendan is going to move in with him until he gets another place.

Here's where the comedy comes in: we have almost nothing to say to my grandpa. There is a HUGE gernation gap between us, and its hard enough to even spend an hour with him. He is a lovely, adorable, terribley kind guy but there are absolutely zero shared interests between any of us and very little to say. Once we've updated him on the rarely changing events in our lives (i have particularly little to say since my life has been almost exactly the same for the last 4 years) the conversation runs completely dry. When all else fails we ask him to tell us some jokes, which are inevitabley jokes he has told before. He is a good joke teller, but its hard to fake laughter when the jokes are good but not laugh-out-loud good. But what happens when he runs out of jokes?
We rely on my mom to keep the conversation going, and that usually means just her and my grandpa tlaking quietly and slowly to eachother...
now imagine living with him.

The premise of this show is that it is a bachelor pad: 2 wild, single guys living together with no rules... and nothing to talk about!

For instance, my brother JUST called me because he is meeting my grandpa at his apt and my mom is driving in to meet them. So my brother made his way over to meet my grandpa and my mom at the set meeting time - uh oh, sudden problem: my mom called him adn said she'd be at least 30 minutes late! so what does he do? he waits OUTSIDE and calls me so that he doesnt have to go in and talk to my grandpa. He says that once he gets there after 5 minutes they will run out of things to say and he wants to save those 5 precious minutes of conversation for the lunch. He is desperately trying to hold on to a few minutes of conversation, trying to manage his time so that he wont waste those minutes. so we talked for 25 minutes until i got tired of him and now he is probably going to walk around some more until my mom calls him, because god forbid he go in to keep my grandpa company.

soo awkward, so hilarious.
Brendan mentioned this could be a good sitcom... and maybe it could. Maybe not, though. the neverending battle between the old and the young, focused into one small apartment in queens.




  • At 11:09 PM, Blogger Jordan, and ya don't stop said…

    one addition:

    spending a lunch with my grandpa is the kind of experience where you feel bad if his hearing aid stops working but you kinda hope it does so you he wont hear you anyway and maybe some funny things can come out of it.

    that will be the plot of the pilot episode! nice

    no one better snake this idea.
    its published and copyrighted by ME!


  • At 8:53 PM, Blogger Cliff Brenford said…

    I can't believe you wrote that!

    Grandpa's hearing aid went out in BOTH EARS right as we sat down at the a sitcom. And mom made that exact comment. And I let out a sigh of relief that it didn't matter what I said, just that I looked as though I was involved with whatever they might talk about.

    I'm surprised I didn't mention this to you before.

    This will OBVIOUSLY be a running gag in the show...which I hereby officially claim the rights to since it was my idea from appricot one.


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