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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

New Developments on Alyssa's Blog!! Yes!

Finally after many days of anxious waiting, we have new posts from Alyssa. In case you didnt know (or dk), Alyssa is a middleschool female blogger who's blog i decided to read, study, analyze and comment on for the enjoyment of all. It is at once a sociological examination, a character study, an teenage (or preteenage) expose and a bit of poking fun at how stupid middleschool kids are.
First, and maybe most importantly, she changed the name of her blog. Instead of Alyssa's Blog it is now... (drum roll please):
*Lyssa's Blog

yes! that is awesome. I couldnt make this stuff up any better. What is with girls (most of them, anyway) that age (and older) and their need to shorten names? But the fact that she put thought into it - she changed it. Is she now asking her friends to call her Lyssa, or do they call her that anyway which necessitated the name change?

for this edition i decided to put the blogs in order instead of leaving them the way you'd normally see them... just to avoid confussion.
If you all remember, when last we checked in on Lyssa she was talking about a sleepover at her best friends house where this guy she likes (who she sometimes calls her boyfriend) might come over and they might do *IT*! Drew and I have been waiting for 4 days or more to find out what happened and in the mean time we got this post:

~*March 17, 2005*~

Tommarrow is the big day and i am so excited. I cannot wait OMG i thkn this will be really fun i am going out to get everything tonight and then i am going to go to Jenn's house and prepare then its Felicia's house we go. I cannot wait to get with my boyfriend he is so awesome. I know that something really BIG is going to happen i just know it. Everytime i think about it i know that something really big like huge like my first time having sex..... OMG i am so pumped..... I love you so much Mike..... :-) Wow i really do like him i hope that everything goes right.

isnt it cute how she used "OMG" twice? if you dont know that means OH MY GOD! She can't wait to "get with" her boyfriend. something really BIG is going to happen. She is writing in this online journal, but she doesnt seem to think anyone will read it... but she is still writing it cryptically. What is most interesting to me is that first she writes that she loves Mike so much, and then says "i really do like him" which to me kind of negates the whole "Love" thing.

now onto the follow up... we finally get the juicy news... or do we?

~*March 23, 2005*~

This weekend has gone really bad.....everything that could possible make things worse has happened.... the only people that really matter anything to me hates my guts right now and i don't know what to do.. There is this guy i like bt im not sure that hne would ever really date me....I am not really mad at anyone i just wish i could go back in time and fix everything i did.. If Felicia or Caitlin ever read this then i am really sry and i can understand if u never want to hang out with me nemore.... And im sry for makeing u think things that u shouldn't have.... I just don't want to hurt u guys nemore.... I love you guys to death..... And i am still in love with someone that i never thought that i would ever like again.... PAT..... I know it might seem weird but i am in love with the kid.... I am hpoing everything goes out well... i really hope it does... peace out
posted by Alyssa @ 9:44 AM 0 comments

Did we really expect anything else to happen? How does anything BIG in a middleschool girls life end of but with all of her friends who she "loves sooo much" hating her? its classic. and what better to characterize girls than fickle emotions? now we have some douche named PAT who she probably dated for 1 week in 5th grade and now she is "In Love" with him again, in the midst of almost having sex with this other guy MIKE she is "In Love" with who probably doesnt even like her.
I am not sure exactly what happened, all i know is she doesnt want to hurt anyone anymore. And good for her! Her friends probably just dont understand love like she does, but for whatever reason (probably cause they set her up with Mike or somehting and now Mike is pissed that he didnt get to wax that ass) she is in a fight with everyone.
It's hard to comprehend the amounts of drama that goes on in the middleschool girl world. if you thought the world revolved around you, now you are wrong and you know that it actually revolves around each individual girl in middle school.

~*Secret Love*~

I know this might seem wierd but i have been watching someone that i have liked for a long time..... His name is Pat and i really like him alot......I wish he would notice me and idk... all i do know is that i love him... at least i think i do... i just don't know how he feels.....UHHHHH if u guys know how to help me leave a comment for me....... Peace out!!!!!!


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