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Friday, March 25, 2005

cheerleaders: major sluts or just sorta sluts?

Michelle just pointed out that i forgot to include that Alyssa is a cheerleader...
what does this mean? hmm
Michelle says: you never mentioned she is a cheerleader. well of course she is a slut

perhaps. Interesting story related to this small bit of info, a young mother that we employees like to chat with came in the other day and was telling us about her daughter who is 9. She said her daughter wants to be a cheerleader and she is worried that it will turn her into a "skank". I then told this mother about how i read Alyssa's blog and she is in middle school and planning on gettin fucked by some dude who is using her and the mother gasped. Unfortunately she kind of took comfort in the fact that being a cheerleader might balance out her field hockey so she wont become a lesbian.. god forbid.

anyway, is it true what they say about cheerleaders? i never got with any cheerleaders in high school, but i wasnt a jock and i dont like cheerleaders. im sure they dont like me. But this is just another good example that some stereotypes are true.



  • At 6:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Well it looks like you all finally found a way to include me in a blog and I can't even blame Jeff. Once again though men don't listen to women. I am indeed worried about the cheerleading, however my kid plays softball not field hockey. I asked for the opinion on field hockey. There is a stereotype with field hockey. I am pretty flattered that you guys do like to chat with me as I am an actual cool and unpretentious Fairfield mom. As I type this there is an Easter Egg Hunt going on two doors down that we did not participate in. You now the kind- Fairfield mommies dressed in pastels with a shoulder length bob cut. Husbands completely uninterested yet still in attendance because they have bartered a night out with the boys in exchange for what a root canal feels like.
    Anyway, I was in yesterday and told Kevin and Jeff how enthralled I am with Alyssa. What no one has seemed to mention is that when all else fails with these wonderful upstanding young men the girls will figure out their next step... Kissing each other. What better way to raise the bar? Since all of your peers are giving it up what can you come up with that will set you apart from the rest. Virginity is totally out of the question because that it so yesterday. So why not set up a little pretend game that would end with them kissing each other. Oh my god! Mike would think that was so hot. You also have not mentioned in your blog that she is from Maine. Limited exposure to the rest of the world. Mike could be her cousin.
    By the way, the kid asked if she could Fence today.

    Young Mother

  • At 10:28 PM, Blogger Jordan, and ya don't stop said…

    hahah, i never thought you'd actually read this. Good for you. As for as Lyssa's sex life goes, i think you are right about the kissing however I don't think it is something that would be out of the question in the first place. Maybe not from a shelted girl in Maine, but who knows. I have had my fair share of experiences with 2 girls who think they are super hot and want to entise the guys without actually getting it on with them (*yet) by kissing eachother. Hell, they know it turns the guys on and they dont think anything of it themselves. It might have already gotten to that point, but i kinda feel like at her age she isnt as crafty. She might just interested in getting guys to like her rather than finding clever and kinky ways to do so. But who knows what her next blog post will bring? "tonight was soooo crazzzzay! me and my girls were sleeping at *Licia's house and snuck some of her parents wine coolers. It was kick a$$. But then OMG guess what guys!? OMG like, Liz totally was all like "hey mike is over there totally looking at you... lets dare him to dare us to kiss! then we'll dare him to strip! AHH!! so we kissed! OMG!! it was kinda gross but who cares mike was all hot and i think i saw his thingy when he took his pants off! "

    or something... ill stop there before i start typing out a personal sex fantasy haha.

    And also i wasnt sure if her living in maine had much to do with it... i mean obviously she is more shelted than a girl growing up on the lower east side of manhattan, or in harlem, or los angeles... but how much different is life for most fairfield middleschoolers than it is in maine?

    Keep reading and commenting, i am flattered that you did this time. thanks you Young Mother


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