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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

So, Drew is a racist... as if we didn't already know

I know you've all (aka my brother) been waiting for another post about Wiggles, our handicapped helper. well, now you've got it. But it's not just a light hearted tale of a smiling and wiggley differently-abled chap, it's also startling proof that Drew is, and always has been, unapologetically racist.

So it's Valentine's Day, the day of love (of all days to be racist, huh?) and to our pleasant suprise in walks (or wiggles, really) Wiggles and his sassy black helper who's name I dont remember. Considering that we try and make Matt (wiggles) feel welcome and everything (because he's.. you know, handicapped) we give him a hearty Hello!. Matt does his best to say "haapppy valennttiiness day" to us, and it was just so cute.
All of the sudden, the assistant snaps at drew and goes "thats some kind of greeting!" obviously very aggrivated by something. then goes "what, i didnt walk in the door too? i dont get no hello? damn". i just kind of laughed it off not sure if she was serious.
Then they start putting a few tapes away and she starts going on (all sassy like) about how they want to get outta there early cause they got other stuff to do. im just like 'ok no problem', they dont really have to be there at all. but i guess she didnt get her point across so a few minutes later she repeated that, only this time she goes "we wanna get outta here as soon as possible because i dont like that kids attitude".
seems kinda weird that she would be this upset about Wiggles getting a bigger greeting than her. Really, it seemed pretty selfish to me. But she goes on like "Yea, your friend over there is very rude. I dont like him anymore. He can say Hi to Matt but he doesnt even say anything to me. What kinda shit is that. So rude"
I guess she was really mad so i was just like 'well i'm sorry, i think its only that we dont remember your name so he didnt address you directly'
Drew chimes in trying to depend himself, explaining the simplicity of the situation and the honest mistake he made in the nicest and most polite way that Drew says anythign (which is rare)

and she goes

"yea... well, that don't matter. I think it was disgrimination, and i dont like being discriminated against. Matt, let's go!"

me and drew look at eachother like "WHAT the NUTZ?"

so there you have it. Drew is a notorious racist and was finally called out on it.
Way to go Wiggles' helper.
Fight Injustice where ever you find it!



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