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The Showcase of Depravity

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"Comedy's a dead art form. Now tragedy, that's funny." The Showcase of Depravity showcases... depravity. Wisdom and humor from the perspective of a few disgruntled (& sexy) video store professionals.

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Sunday, February 06, 2005

thank heaven for little girls, and elvis

just a side note... a short post to cure the boredom im sure you've all felt from reading my incredibley long posts before this, hopefully you arent tired of me already...

so we are lucky enough to have in our stores possession the 3-disc special edition set of the ELVIS 1968 comeback special dvd. Sweet ass set. Elvis is awesome and if were going to sleep with a man it would probably be him. but that being entirely besides the point, we were watching it in the store yesterday and groovin and shakin our respective pelvises thinking " no one could possibley be enjoying this any more than i am" when i look down on the floor to see the most adorable little girl in the world dancing her tush off to elvis. I was helping her dad at the time and we both noticed her dancing and laughed, and he asked her
"do you know who that is sweetheart?"
and she says is her tiny cute little girl voice 'elvwis' and then smiles a big smile.
it just melted my heart.
if you will refer back to my post about how i just adore cute little girls (in a non-sexual way, of course), then you'll know how i felt this time around.

it was just precious.

thats all



  • At 12:51 PM, Blogger 4head said…

    ya fuckin perve, haha, guess them clerks do have feelings...little gay feelings. AND WITH THAT, I have to go to school, I'll read this filth later, and comment my ass off. LATER yousss guyzzz


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