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Sunday, February 06, 2005

maybe the closest time i came to punching a woman (since the last time i punched a woman)

*warning this post got a little out of hand and is pretty long.. i cant say if its worth it or not because i pretty much think everything i do and say is worth spending your time reading about, but im biased. if you really like me you'll read on*

Ok so i dont know how many of you read my disgruntled post about how much i hate people who put their cell phones before people around them... if you did you will appreciate the following that much more, but if you didnt thats ok too. here is the gist of that previous post: If you come to the register talking on the cell phone im going to shove it up your ass you rude fuck.
and now the follow up:

this woman who i cant decide if she is nice or sarcastic and bitchy came up to the register yesterday, cell phone free and ready to participate equally in our transaction process. Im never sure if i should automatically dislike her because im pretty sure i remember her saying she cant rent movies with Russell Crowe in them because her husband is a staunch conservative and hates anyone who speaks their mind against Bush. Maybe Russell doesnt even do that, maybe it was George Clooney or something.. who cares. the point is if her husband is a close minded idiot, so is she.
either way, i have no real problem with her until 3/4's of the way into the checking out process, when we've already gone over what "additional day charges" she has, and her free 12th rental, and waited for her to get candy, and for her kids to bring up their video games, and everything else that we go through when people come up to the register.. the money is calculated and im about to tell her how much she owes and she is about to finally get out of the store (just in time cause there is a small line building behind her) and her fucking CELL PHONE rings and she says to me "excuse me for a minute"

sure you coudl be saying to yourself, "well at least she's polite and said excuse me. whats the big deal?"
well, ill tell you.
She is at the register, knowing full well that she is wasting my time and that i am trying to help her and she not only answers her unimportant phone call, but stands there on the phone for a good 2-4 minutes right in front of me, listening to this long story her stupid friend is telling her on the other end of the phone.

Now, its not like i could have made good on my last cellphone blog promise of ignoring her, or taking a call or making a call on my cell phone, or just going to help someone else because we just had one simple step left to complete the transaction.

so there i am getting frustrated out of my mind, giving her evil EVIL eyes the whole time, trying to break into her conversation to just tell her how much money she owed, but there were no oppertunities. i noticed she was holdilng a $20, so i tried my best to just snatch it out of her hand and give her the change... but it was quite difficult. when she realized what i was doing she finally turned up from her phone and said 'what, how much is it?' and then disagreed with how much she owed so she told her friend on the other line "SORRY, I'm at the video store" but continues her conversation while trying to talk to me!
not only should she have been apologizing to me, but she should have at least given me her attention for the 5 seconds it took to finish everything.


so i never told her when her movies were due back, that'll show her!
git 'er done!!




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