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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

I Might Have Parkinson’s

I’m in the process of dealing with a serious medical condition. Or, at least, it could be deemed a serious medical condition if I got anyone to look at it, which I haven’t. Not yet. Anyway, I have this tremor in my right pinky finger, it’s sort of an involuntary twitch; a yip. There could be a number of causes for my spastically moving digit: my high intake of caffeine, my stressful schedule, or the fact that I type on the computer like an English woman drinks tea: with my right pinky lifted above the keyboard, hardly ever in use. When I told Kina about this problem, she looked at me and goes: “Maybe you have Parkinson’s.” Good ole loving Kina.

It’s really annoying more than anything, like when I’m sitting in my mind-numbing Philosophy & Religion class. My hand will just be sitting on my desk, in perfect stillness, but my pinky is jumping around. Hopefully none of my classmates have noticed, or they’ll start calling me things like “Yippy the Dog-Faced Twitcher,” or “Ugly.” It’s like my pinky has a life of its own, and one day I fear that it will detach from my hand and carry on without me, possibly seeing a movie or grabbing a bite to eat.

Maybe one day soon I’ll get it checked out. I’ll let you know what happens. Stay tuned for further developments…

Daft Punk is playing at my house, at my house…



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