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The Showcase of Depravity

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"Comedy's a dead art form. Now tragedy, that's funny." The Showcase of Depravity showcases... depravity. Wisdom and humor from the perspective of a few disgruntled (& sexy) video store professionals.

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Sunday, January 23, 2005

StormWatch 05 - storm of the century

So this was possibley the busiest weekend at Media Wave... ever, and now that we are through it, I wonder if it was all worth it?
Whenever Sam Champion predicts more than 1 inch of snow this whole town goes CRAZY.
We had lines in that went from the registers in the front of the store and went ot the back wall of the store, then curved around and ran back up to the front of the store. People were waiting online for up to 45 minutes and renting no less than 8 movies each. and this was after they spent 2 hours in the super market buying out all the bread and milk. Understandable behavior if we are in alaska and they predict a blizard of monstrous proportions that would have us snowed in for a week, or even a few days. But the fact is that it started snowing saturday afternoon, got worse in the early evening, but continued to snow light fluffy snow until the very early morning (if even that). Not only did i get home from work last night at 10pm, but i got to work today at 11pm. (yes, it was thanks in part to Paul's 4 wheel drive car and his legally insane determination to always have the store open).
My point is... thanks for the cash, People of Fairfield, but what was the big deal?
You're all mad if you ask me, and if you are reading my blog you have electronically asked me.

So StormWatch 05 is over, when are you going to get time to watch all those movies and eat all that bread?

you might be asking yourself 'hey buddy, what do you care?'
i really dont aside from 2 things. 1. my interest in strange behavior of people and 2.I had to work non-stop like a madman for 10 hours straight serving lines of people out the nutting door.
and even worse than that it means that we are going to be doing NUTLOADS of returns for the next 3 days. like insane amount of movies to return, and if you only knew how long and tedious a process that was you would understand.

anyway, i hope you people are happy.



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