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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Drew's Comment of the Day

(Original date: 12/11/05. Why this was drafted and not posted I don't know. I feel like maybe it was and I wanted to add to it but never did. Anyway here it is, another slice of Media Wave life for the 0 readers that remain checking this blog after 3 years of inactivity).

As some of you may know, we have are able to write notes on customers accounts which pop up in small windows, much like pop-up windows, in front of the account alerting the employee to important things about the customer, like whether or not they are hot, how annoying they are, a quick andicdote about a confrontation we got in with him or something stupid they did. It can also be used for business related notes as well.
Most of the comments consist of things like "I'd do her" or "maybe the most annoying person ever" or "if it was between this customer and _____ (enter customer name here), whose butt/tampon/butt tampon would you rather lick?" (those are always from Jeff).
Sometimes I'll go out of my way to brighten everyone's day with some extremely clever wit with a comment like if their name is Flicker I tend to write "Flicker? I hardly know her!"
Funny as that is regularly, it works especially well when the customer's name is something like Creamer and Harder, which are in fact real names. After 4 years I can safely say no one is tired of reading the same joke all the time, and I'm certainly not tired of writing it. Thus, similarly, I still have this blog.

So today I saw a note that Drew wrote on the account of someone named Kobel that stuck me as particularly nerdy and Drewesque:

"Interesting fact, Kobel is also the name of an enemy planet on Battlestar Galactica"

God Crimminy, can you get any more nerdy than that??



  • At 2:15 PM, Blogger mjrjr said…

    haha we did this at kims too. my heart aches just thinking about how i miss this. mostly were about hotness or being an asshole or funny last names, but the best popup comment was "the name is rivers, and i'm payin for it!," for an elderly black man named james rives who would saunter in at 4:45 every day in a hawaiian shirt, rent (usually a foreign new release) movie, and say, without change: "the name's rivers, and i'm payin' for it!"

  • At 12:44 AM, Blogger Sean P. Farley said…

    Bro, you're blog is HILARIOUS! I was reading my old archives (from 2005, and you commented on one of mine!), so I came to visit again. Two words of caution: BE CAREFUL. Why? I just got fired for blogging. No joke, four days ago. Apparently my boss didn't appreciate the things I had to say about customers. Granted, I'm totally anonymous in my postings (changing names, etc). Just throwing the word out there. But you're freakin' funny, though.


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