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The Showcase of Depravity

This is the long hard truth. It goes extra deep.

"Comedy's a dead art form. Now tragedy, that's funny." The Showcase of Depravity showcases... depravity. Wisdom and humor from the perspective of a few disgruntled (& sexy) video store professionals.

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Friday, March 11, 2005

Boiling Point

Normally I don't post from work, but Jesus Christ I am so annoyed right now. Standing directly to my right, mere feet away, is a woman who I ended a transaction with (literally) ten minutes ago. At this point she takes out her cell phone and starts having a conversation with someone. And there she stands, STILL TALKING TO SOMEONE. She is loud and obnoxious and completely oblivious to the fact that it is really rude when someone is trying to work behind the counter while she's flapping her gums. She's ruining the groove of the music I am listening to and causing me to think suicidal thoughts. Of all the annoying cell phone offenses, this has to rank up there with the best, brightest, and most homicidal. I had to help a customer where she was standing so I asked her to move and she was like "Oh, he's going to bring it back blah blah blah..." DUH. I heard her entire fucking conversation. As she's walking out she says into her phone "I'm like, holding up the line just standing there, talking..." That's what pisses me off more than anything: people who know how fucking annoying they are, but continue to live their life in the same, haphazard fashion. God bless America. God bless Fairfield County.


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