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Thursday, February 24, 2005

the 2 best things/worst things ive seen on tv lately

So i got home alive tonight even through the snow storm and slippery roads, mikes pizza in-hand, ready to sit down to a nice meal and some mindless tv. but i coudlnt find anything worthwhile on tv AT ALL. but as i was passing through channels 2-25 (usually the lamest channels) i noticed a tv show on channel 4 or 5 called "Celebrities Without Make-up". I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this, so i had to go back and make sure my eyes had not decieved me. A tv show - that airs on national tv, devoted to showing celebrities without make-up??? has this world gone completely mad??? just yesterday I noticed the new Us Weekly book devoted to the rise and fall of the great American Gods Brad & Jenn, the book cleverly titled "Brad & Jenn", at the local CVS. I had previously seen this book ridiculed on the Daily Show, and i couldnt believe that there was a book that came out DAYS after their break up that attempted to recount their entire relationship. As if the media has any real idea what celebrity life is like. The point being, that i didnt think that book could be topped in ridiculousness of American media and what the american audience would buy into - this show topped it.

Amazing TV experience #2 was right after i moved on from the Celebrities W/O Make Up show (which was on commercial when i flipped it on and I was not willing to wait to see what it was really like). A friendly, familiar face came on the screen. One I hadn't seen in a while, that none of us had seen in a while. This familiar face was dressed in cowboy gear and singing a little diddy about something or other. Low and behold this face was none other than HOOTY!!! from hooty and the blow-fish, aka darius rudger (or somehting like that). That black guy from the white guy band who sounds like a white guy himself. But then i realized that it wasnt the Hooty we once knew, it was SELL OUT Hooty. This wasn't a music video, but Hooty singing a repulsive folk-style song about the new bacon burger at burger king!! I was flabbergasted. This was absolutely the first thing ive seen him do in the last 5-8 years, and that is all he could get?? Parading around in a terrible, laughable cowboy outfit in a terrribley stupid commercial, selling his soul/ aka singing a full length song about how great burger king burgers are!!


so, those were the two most dispicable and yet absolutely hilarious things ive seen on tv today.

let me know if you can come up with anything better



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