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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

i hate oprah

i dont care what anyone says, or how much she gives to people or anything - i hate oprah.
i get the displeasure of watching my 3 least favorite things on tv while im on the computer in my moms room
1.lifetime channel
2.oprah (does that count if its on a lifetime-life channel?)
3.sci fi channel movies/original series (dont ask why my mom watches that, i dont know)

in case you all dont know, the computer in my room isnt hooked up to the internet right now so all my computer time equals time spent in my moms room with her comptuer, which equals watching whatever show my mom is watching as well. It is sort of a dream of mine that just ONCE she could bring herself to actually watch an episode of GOOD tv like THE SIMPSONS, but tonight- like so many other nights, she had a chance to watch the simpsons but turned it off to watch Oprah. *sigh*

oprah, seen here:

and here on the Disabled Celebrities website..

the audience in Oprahs studio angers me the most. They are the most sheep-like of any audience in recent memory. Oprah is not that funny, but ANYTHING she says is an absolute riot according to the audience. i dont get it.
It's as if she purposely tries to have the 'right' mix of the Strong Female, The Big Woman, and the Sassy Black Woman. What about being black makes you have to speak like you're an uneducated inner-city child? I'm sure oprah is extremely well educated and very intelligent, so it leads me to believe that randomly speaking like she's a home-girl is a choice.

im not really going anywhere with this and im kind of tired of writing about oprah. she just pisses me off, and i fucking hate the lifetime network and ANYTHING on it. Except golden girls, if its on lifetime. i dont know. Anything else though, especially their original movies.

sorry for making no sense and going nowhere.


and here are a few more pictures of oprah i found when i googled her:

and the first lady with Media Wave's hero: George Bush


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