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Thursday, January 13, 2005

How Much Could Pain Could 40 Million Solve?

I think Jordan is forgetting one thing when he talks about war criminal/ “President” Bush’s inauguration: Kid Rock is going to be performing. Kid Fucking Rock. Doesn’t that just rule? Who cares how much he’s spending on the inauguration, or that the opulence seems to be in direct contrast with the failing economy (who made it fail? I forget…). I mean, it’ll be great that so many Americans will be able to watch the inauguration, with its pompous rich white guys, fireworks, and media events from the small, scratchy television located right above the Unemployment Line. Then there’s the whole notion that it should be a low-key, somber affair given the thousands dead or dying in Iraq (which we are instrumental in), the thousands more dying in the Sudan (which we have turned our back to), and the thousands that have died in the tsunami (which we have written off with a teensy-weensy check, hoping globally it will be accepted as enough). I guess when we’ve got a President that spends over one billion dollars a week on a war that was built on lies and is costing incalculable human losses, what’s forty million here or there? It’s yet another testament to the lack of shame the Republicans have: No matter how many people die, we’re still gonna throw one hell of a party for a man who values nothing more than greed, corruption, violence, and stupidity. Yee haw.


  • At 12:21 PM, Blogger Jordan, and ya don't stop said…

    i cant believe that someone so obsessed with TV missed last nights Daily Show where Stewart claims that Kid Rock MIGHT be performing. It's still unsure because of family values protesters that dont think he is appropriate. Stewart also commented on a line in a Kid Rock song that went something like "im the pimp of america, ill be pimpin hos while you're stuck with barbara bush' or something like that.. i dont know.. im not a rapper.
    he also went through a number of Party Invitations for their different parties during the inauguration, one of them being the "What Big Balls We Have Ball".

    or something..
    i cant remember anything from yesterday, so forgive me if i quote things wrong.



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