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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

as if clever bumper stickers werent enough

ok, first id like to start this post by stating my new intentions once and for all: this is obviously slightly more than a "Media Wave"-only blog since we got pinched by the boss man. So from time to time i'm going to use it as an outlet for whatever the nutz i wanna talk about, because a few people out there seem to read it.

what is with this country's strange obsession with "supporting" something through the ever-effective form of bumper stickers or car appendages?
It started (well, i started noticing it on a national level) after Sept. 11th with those ridiculous american flags on peoples cars, and the numersous styles of american flag bumper stickers and 'i heart america' paraphanalia everyone suddenly ran out to buy. Of course, buying bumper stickers and car-size flags did indeed put money back in the country's economy (and we are all thankful) but I don't think that was the reason. I don't actualy know what the reason is for this idiotic at. If you don't have a bumper sticker/ car-flag on your vehicle did everyone else think you support the terrorists?

thats my question now with this fucking retarded "Support Our Troops" ribbon stickers that have suddenly sprung up. Who do you think you are to put that on your car? I don't have one, and never will.. does that imply that i DONT support our troops? or that i support terrorists? What human being does not support other human beings? Who actually does NOT support the troops? I dont support the war, I dont support the president who started the war and who sent the troops to war that is for all the wrong reasons. But more to the point, WHO CARES? who fucking cares that you choose to make public something that everyone already does.

I cant stand driving on the highway and seeing every other car with at least one ribbon stick on their car. I've never even seem them for sale anywhere, where and how do you get them? and why? what makes people so passionate about this to say 'i need to physically show that i too support our troops! how can i do this? perhaps there is a bumper sticker, that way i can get my message to as many people as possible! Awesome!"

It was bad enough when all I had to know about other drivers was that they wasted their money on stupid bumper stickers like "DONT BE A DICK" and "My other car is a broom" or whatever. You know those stupid bumper stickers people have. I wish i could remember more, but its not worth my time. So now i have to know what GENERALLY ACCEPTED causes people support, like... OUR COUNTRY, and OUR TROOPS.
thank you, everyone. thanks for sharing.

I'm gonna get a bumper sticker in the shape of a ribbon that says "I SUPPORT THE BUMPER STICKER MARKET" or "I AGREE WITH YOU" or something.

by the way, anyone who has read to this point - id like to thank you. i know that when im reading someone's post that is this long i start to lose interest or dont even finish. so thanks for reading.



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